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The question of what really is a perfect physique in terms of features is always at the back of every bodybuilder. Professionals and amateurs alike worry about their physique qualities in view of the perceived ideal physique. But this worry gets on a high gear and becomes more pronounced in competitive bodybuilding. Champions are judged purely on their physique qualities based on muscle mass and definition.

One can still remember the distinct and awesome physiques witnessed in the past ages when bodybuilding was not a widespread passion and when only a few of the daring men took to the gym in pursuit of muscle mass. The photos of these ancient giants had that unique classic look marked by especially big arms, very wide shoulders, a voluminous chest and of course marvelously curved legs.

This conventional impression of how a successful bodybuilder looks like had a lot to do in determining or pioneering of the modern perception of a champion bodybuilder’s physique. A champion’s physique incorporates a proportional display shapely mass cut to precision to form a perfect package. Developing a champion bodybuilder’s physique can better be thought of as sculpturing. It is a precise endeavor that moulds each individual body part in precise tandem with the other body arts so as to evolve a perfectly harmonious development. It is just like chiseling a fine sculptor from a block of stone.

To achieve that perfection in the body, a bodybuilder begins with a dream, a vision and a hope. This image, imprinted into the mind for a while, draws out the inner and outward power that powers the bodybuilding program. It’s from the illusion of perfection that is continually envisioned that a body builder plans his or her workout schedule, chooses the exercises for each workout session, decides on the diet regimen and finally sweats it out in the weight room.

The dream of any bodybuilder is to accumulate not just mass size but also to mold it to perfect muscle groupings and definition. The idea is to pack big muscle in the right body areas and avoid build up in other areas that don’t contribute towards the physiques perfection. There are some areas of the body like the waist and sides of the stomach that are better when lean while the chest is preferable when bigger.

To achieve this, you should amplify your use of dumbbells and barbells. High rep gradual and precise lifts are always ideal in sculpturing the champion’s physique. Never neglect even a single body part in the workout schedule. There must be a balance in stimulating muscle growth and development all across the body. Yet it is also important to ensure that each body part is trained precisely as appropriate for that particular body part.

Molding a bodybuilder’s physique requires much more than exercising. Nutrition is also part of the agenda. Proportional development and definition inside out is the way to go. And remember, its building, gentle, gradual and progressive, not an instant achievement possible after a few workouts. Endeavor to develop stage by stage.

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