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Who does not want to be in that state of ultimate bliss where the feeling is just so beautiful you do not want it to end ever?

Being happy is nothing else more than a state of mind. It can be traced back into the depths of oneself. Absolutely nothing and no one can tell you to be happy. It is a feeling that radiates from the inside. Now, the remaining question is on how to be happy all the time.

All around the globe, people tend to depend on others for their happiness. If not on people, they measure their happiness based on the material things around them. They go on continuous and nonstop journeys in an attempt to catch their perceived source of happiness.

Little do these people know that the source of our own happiness is our own selves. The acceptance of what we are and what we have coupled with a sense of contentment is all we need to stop our pursuit of happiness. It is all about the correct mindset.

With this type of thinking, we end up controlling our happiness. We have the power to choose to be happy or not. Under such arrangement, we save the trouble and stress of having to go after people and things around us.

More so, as our view of the world takes a positive turn, the world reacts in a kind manner as well. We radiate happiness to the world. In return, everything and everybody in the world reflects that happiness that we show them. It develops into an endearing cycle of appreciation and love.

This might sound like an ideal scenario, but again, it is all in one’s mind. The power to conceive what is perceived is absolutely true. Furthermore, the essence of happiness lies on its capacity to be shared with others around us. It is a light from the inside that can provide illumination for everyone.

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