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The car models of OPEL are named after their founder Adam Opel, which are highly recommended for their good performance. For a better maintenance of your OPEL, you can get yourself some perfect diagnostic tools.

In this case, TECH2 is your best choice. As it is the factory tester that U.S. General Motors offers to his authorized service station for testing the entire world’s universal models and it’s the necessary product for General Motors global service station. Following are two TECH2 that are quite practical for DIY repairers.

OPEL TECH2 COM can perform diagnosis of Engine, Transmission, Chassis, and Body systems for OPEL vehicles from year 1997 to 2004. When buying, you’ll receive a package including OPEL TECH2 Interface, RS232 cable and software CD.RS232 Interface is compatible the 3rd party Opel TECH2 Software with K-Line Multiplexer which does not require switching of diagnostic pins

The other one is OBD2 OPEL TECH2, which is an alternative for other service device VAG 1552. It has three functions switch of pins: switch data line to pins 3, 7, 12 depended on which part is chosen to be diagnosed. The protocol it uses is ISO 9141-2 / SAE J1962. With it, you can diagnose the problems of the engine, chassis, ABS, body climate, airbag and so on.

OBD2 OPEL TECH2 is able to work with OPEL cars produced between 1997 and 2004. Both testers have the same functions for complete OPEL diagnosis. Easy interface is designed to make your PC professional car diagnostic machine. But you are required to have a Pentium PC with COM port. All electronic parts are well fitted into OBD2 connector what makes OPEL TECH2 really resistant and proof to work in each car service.

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