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Have you ever wondered how to inspire honesty in a man? You’re probably one of the many women who have gone through the stress of having a man suddenly drop communication out of the blue. Is there any way to make a man more open and simply talk to you?

The thing with men going quiet, especially after spending a few great dates with you, is a phenomenon that many, many women around the world experience. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not the relationship had reached a romantic level — he just simply disappears from your radar.

What’s worse, when you finally find out what he’s been up to, you realize that during the time he was dating you, he was dating someone else at the same time, and was now getting “serious” with her. Ouch!

Pretty ungrateful, don’t you think? He could have simply told you, and you would’ve been cool with it. But why really do men avoid telling the truth and simply choose to leave their women hanging?

Here’s why — men are simply afraid of how you might react if he ever told you the truth. He’s scared that you might scream at him, cry, or otherwise throw a hissy fit in public.

Of course, chances are you won’t do such things, especially if the relationship hadn’t gotten that serious yet. But somewhere in his past, it’s likely that he once dated a woman who reacted that way when he decided to be honest — and it freaked him out!

You’ll be surprised at how many men have gone through that kind of trauma. It makes it hard for us to pin the blame on men for not being really honest.

But that’s not the end of the story. It’s possible to inspire honesty in a man, and even coax him to open up to you even before you ask him to.

The first few dates are great opportunities to get into his mind, since he’s pretty up front and open during these dates. This is the best time to ask questions about his dating life, particularly if he’s looking for a casual relationship or something that’s a little more serious.

But the best way to get through to him would be to adopt an attitude that pretty much says, “Anything is okay.” Of course this doesn’t mean you can let him do whatever he wants and you’d be cool with it, but he can pretty much tell you anything without worrying about how you’d react. It’s an attitude that tells him you can handle it.

And the best way to show this attitude is with three words: “I’m just curious.” If you add these three words after asking a personal question — any question at all — it instantly tells him it’s okay to talk to you. Go ahead and try it. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find out!

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