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Essentially, the Mil Std 129 is a set of guidelines that explains how products should be marked, identified, and cataloged if they are being produced for use by the United States Department of Defense. The guidelines apply to anything that is produced, stocked, stored, or issues either for or by use the the Department of Defense.

The standard consists of several specifications including handbooks, standards, publications, and specifications set up both by the government and non-governmental entities. It lays down the minimum requirements that the US Military requires when it sets up a contract with an outside entity. The Mil Std 129 cites several outside references. However, if any of these references conflict with the language of the Mil Std 129, the Mil Std 129 takes precedence.

Not all items are required to follow the requirements of the document, however. Products that already have a standardized identification system such as vehicles and cell phones are not required to follow the Mil Std 129.

The document explains the properties expected from a Universal Identification Number, or UID. A UID is required to meet several specifications. First of all, it must be placed on a stiff surface like an identification plate, tag, or label, or in some cases the product itself. If possible, it should be placed where it can be easily located during its normal use, and it should last for the life expectancy of the item.

If possible, the information should be readable by a machine, and at a bare minimum it should identify the producer of the product, the part number, and the batch or LOT number. If this information can not fit on the product, it should be placed on the box. The requirements necessary to be UID compliant are immense and vary depending on the industry, so it is important to stay up to date on the Latest news about Mil Std 129. This UID information can be found by getting in touch with ID-Integration.

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