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No matter what you do, you should make sure you are a good model. Doing the things that you would like your child to do and saying the things you would like your child to say is very important. This is the quickest and most efficient way to getting your child to act right.

Children are a lot like sponges as they pick up on habits around them. Whenever someone comes to your house and the doorbell rings, you may not realize it, but when you answer it, your child is studying you and seeing the emotions you have towards the person that is walking through the door. Your child will always be watching you and observing your every mood. If the parent thinks that person is safe, then that child is going to think the same thing. You see, it’s not always about whose at the door, those children are constantly observing and mimic you.

They will develop your style of communication as well as your voice tone. They develop what you do, how your facial expressions are and where you put your hands. Your children will be looking at you as there leader.

If you would like your child to go through this world with respect, then you need to do the same thing and show that respect. If you want your child to eat healthy, then you will need to eat healthy.

You can sit there and tell your child how important it is to eat healthy and how important it is to have respect until you are blue in the face, but if you do not do those things yourself, then you will be showing your child that they do not have to do it. Why? Well, the answer to that is simple. Because you do not do it. If it were so critical and so important, you would not be talking about it and you would be too busy doing

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