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If you are a medical professional looking for a short or temporary contract, part time work, or even a full time permanent position, you may wish to join a medical agency to help make your search a little easier. A good medical agency will be able to help you find a position that is perfect for your needs, skills and experience, in your local area. Large agencies that have nationwide positions available can be a good option, and some may even have international contacts for those who would like to work abroad.

A medical agency can offer many other services as well as simply finding you a job. They can help you to write a winning application and personal statement, some may be able to offer travel and accommodation packages if this will be necessary, and any medical agency should have an efficient and accurate payroll management system, to ensure that you get paid accurately and on time.

A competent medical agency should be able to handle all your health checks and police check forms on your behalf, and you may even be able to take training through a good medical agency if you need to top up on a few skills. These can include courses on incident management, life support training, lone working, handling violence and aggression, and many others. You may feel that you require more training if you will be branching out into a role that you have not worked in before, and you should discuss any concerns with your new medical agency. They should have experienced and trained staff on hand to answer your queries and organise training for you if it is required, and larger agencies will be able to offer a wider variety of courses in lots of different locations nationwide.

Finding a new job can be a stressful and time consuming task, particularly in the current economic climate. If you are working full time whilst searching, or combining a new job with a relocation it can also be a difficult task, and signing up with a medical agency can be a good way to offload a little of the responsibility and give yourself more time. Choosing large agencies with a wide client base is always recommended, as this should provide more scope for job opportunities. A company which represents both the NHS and private sector is also a good find, and larger agencies should be able offer positions nationwide, making it easier to find something suitable in your local area.

Looking through agency websites can be a good way to get a feel for which agencies can offer the best range, and any good website should have a search facility to allow you to browse their current jobs. You may be able to search by location, speciality, grade, and start date, and this is a good way to narrow down your search. Signing up to a medical agency online should be relatively easy, and most will have a simple form for you to fill out, in order to begin your search.

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