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ID Presenter Title Type Country
6 Janet ENEVER Bilingual policy and practice in Madrid primary schools Oral Sweden
10 Deia GANAYIM Linguistic effect of Arabic\Hebrew bilinguals on two-digit numbers processing Oral Israel
11 Seval BAYRAK & Adem SORUÇ Comparative Effectiveness of Input-based Instructions on L2 Grammar Knowledge: Textual Enhancement and Processing Instruction Oral Turkey
13 Erhan GULSEN & Enisa MEDE & Gyuzal KASSIMOVA Differentiated reading in 5th grade EFL classrooms: The Impact on Reading Motivation and Comprehension Skills Oral Turkey
14 Arda ARIKAN Using Animation Films Effectively in Young Learners' Classrooms Oral Turkey
15 Burcu KOÇ & Elif BOZYIGIT Pre-service teachers' questions in their micro- teaching and macro- teaching practices of teaching English to young learners Oral Turkey
16 Filiz MERGEN & Gulmira KURUOGLU

A Comparison of Turkish- English Bilinguals' Processing of Emotion Words In Their Two Languages

Oral Turkey
17 Safiye Ipek KURU GONEN Speaking the same language with digital natives: Practical online tools for teaching L2 to young learners Oral Turkey
18 Asuman ASIK &
Gonca Yangın EKSI
"Can you really put yourself in children's shoes?": A Critical Evaluation of the Micro-Teachings Oral Turkey
19 Eunhye KIM A Study of Young Returned Students on Korean Education - Focused on in- depth interviews of students, teachers and parents Oral South Korea
25 Asuman ASIK Integrating Corpus Consultancy in Language Teacher Education: An Evaluation of Course books For Young Learners Oral Turkey
26 Muge TAViL & Didem BiLEN The Effects of Cooperative Learning Strategies on Vocabulary Skills of 4th Grade Students Oral Turkey
27 Muge TAViL &
Kadriye Dilek
Managing Young Learners' Classroom: Tips for Teachers Oral Turkey
28 Muge TAViL & Selmin SOYLEMEZ How to do research with young and very young learners? Techniques in ELT Oral Turkey
30 Helen Enid SHERWIN Fostering reflection in traditional learning contexts: the power of anticipatory reflection Oral Hungary
31 Magda PHILLIPS A multimodal literacy for inclusive learning of speaking skills Oral United
33 Kursat CESUR Playing Ten Games with a Set of Cards: Which Game is the Best? Oral Turkey
34 Thamer Yousif ALLAWI & Ayad Hammad ALI A Practical Evaluation of Fourth Primary Pupil's Book English for Iraq: Designing and Planning Oral Iraq
36 Christine BIEBRICHER The Challenges and journeys of New Zealand primary school teachers offering languages to young learners Oral New Zealand
37 Seda BUTUN The Use of Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching Approach in Yeni 'unyam Turkce Oral Turkey
38 Seda SAGIN Activity types in young learners' course books that are used both in state and private schools Oral Turkey
42 Seniz YILMAZ So, what was it all about?: Reflecting on very first school-based experiences Oral Turkey
43 Elif EKEN & Esim GURSOY Strategy Training with Children: Is it too Good to be True? Oral Turkey
45 Ece SARIGUL Teaching English to Children with Puppets Poster Turkey
46 Zeynep AYSAN An Evaluation of Second Grade English Language Program: A Case Study of an EFL Teacher Oral Turkey
47 David R. BYRD Creating Culturally Appropriate Stories for Children Oral USA
48 David R. BYRD Don't Forget the Let them Talk While they Write Poster USA
49 Mehmet BARDAKCI
& Emrah CiNKARA & Mehmet KILIC & Fadime YALCIN ARSLAN
An investigation into foreign language self- efficacy in pre-service classroom teachers taking TEYL course Oral Turkey
51 Hayriye TARAF Let Young Learners Experience the Shakesperience: Critical Reading and Creative Writing Ideas for Teaching Shakespeare Oral Turkey
52 Hayriye TARAF Creative Lessons with Graphic Organizers to Develop Young Critical Thinkers Oral Turkey
54 Hatice Kubra KOC Is English Language Taught Enjoyably To Young Learners? Oral Turkey
55 Yasemin TEZGIDEN
Critical Social Issues in TEYL Oral Turkey
The Impact of Multisensory Materials and Activities On 4th Grade English Learners Reading Achievement Oral Turkey
58 Sezen ARSLAN An Investigation into the Possible Selves of Pre- Service English Teachers Oral Turkey
60 Banu USLU & ECE
Language Teaching Materials for Young Learners of English Oral Turkey
61 Batuhan SELVI &
Ahmet Burak BAS
An Evaluation of Third Grade English Course book: A Cultural Perspective Oral Turkey
63 Batuhan SELVI &
An Investigation and Comparison of the Relationship between Test Anxiety and Test Performance of Secondary School Students Oral Turkey
64 Oznur SEMIZ Building Parental Involvement in Teaching Young Learners Oral Turkey
65 Abdul Wahed Qasem
Saudi Parents' Attitudes towards Using English as a Medium of Instruction in Private Primary Schools Oral Saudi Arabia
66 Banu USLU, & Aysel
The Effect of Life-Focused Language Acquisition Program (LFFLAP) on Preschool Children's English Learning Oral Turkey
67 Oya Liz ONGUC Completing The Missing Pieces of The Phonics Puzzle; Designing and Integrating a New Program Oral Turkey
68 Selma DENEME Mostly Preferred Teaching Techniques and Materials used by Teacher Trainees of English to Teach Young Learners Oral Turkey
69 Selma DENEME Reflections from two different teaching settings: Class versus kindergarten Oral Turkey
71 Besime ERKMEN Every challenge is an opportunity to learn: Student-teachers' learning experiences Oral Turkey
72 Nur CEBECI Teaching English to Very Young Learners through Story Telling Oral Turkey
73 Muhlise COSGUN OGEYIK & Nur CEBECI Brain-compatible Activities for Very Young Learners Oral Turkey
75 Yasser AMINIFARD & Reza REZVANI Mother Tongue Use in Young English Learners' Classroom: Helpful Scaffold or Debilitating Crutch? Oral Iran
76 Samar Sami HAMMADI Turkish and Iraqi Students: A cross cultural study on preforming request speech act Oral Iraq
77 Cigdem GONES The Expected EFL Teacher Profile for Young Learners Oral Turkey
78 Anıl RAKICIOGLU & Selmin SOYLEMEZ Practices and challenges of teaching EFL to young learners: Insights from practicum stakeholders Oral Turkey
79 Zhanar BAIMBETOVA & Mohammadreza VALIZADEH Acquiring communicative competence in multilingual children: Case Study Oral Kazakhstan
81 Sule Celik KORKMAZ, Sedat KORKMAZ L1 Use to Teach English to Young Learners: Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in Turkish Primary Schools Oral Turkey
82 Fatih GUNGOR Injecting TEYL Courses into the Curriculum of Primary School Education Programs Oral Turkey
83 Tarkan GURBUZ The Digital Transformation of Education and Language Learning Oral Turkey
84 Hatice ERGUL Use of embodied resources in vocabulary teaching by pre-service English language teachers in young learner classrooms Oral Turkey
& Mohammad Reza OROJI
Lexical Enrichment through CALL among Iranian Young Learners Oral Kazakhstan & Iran
86 Olena SOLOVIOVA Creative potential among Young Learners Oral Ukraine
87 Mehmet KARACA & Meryem MIRIOGLU Turkish EFL Prospective Teachers' Perceptions of Their Competence and Attitudes towards Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) Oral Turkey
88 Hacer Hande UYSAL
& Batuhan SELVI &
The Effect of Written
Corrective Feedback on Young L2 English Learners' Noticing and Output in A Collaborative Writing Task
Oral Turkey
89 Birsen TUTUNIS The Journey of Student Teachers on Professionalism in Teaching Young Learners Oral Turkey
90 Mehmet KARACA &
Hacer Hande UYSAL
A Scale Development Study: Students' Attitudes towards Writing in English Scale (SAWES) Oral Turkey
91 Serhat iNAN Exploring L1 Use in Young Learner EFL Classrooms in Turkey Oral Turkey
92 Leila ASHEGHNAVAIE Reciprocal Teaching among Young Learners in Iran: Any help?! Oral Turkey
93 Zeynep CAMLIBEL ACAR Professional Development Before Professional Life: Needs of Pre-Service EFL Teachers Oral Turkey
94 Nazmi AGIL Poetry in Language Classroom Oral Turkey